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Become a Social Media Influencer

We Are SocianSelect:

  • We are the internet's leading network of social media talent.

  • We bring top Social Media Influencers together with quality brands that match your style, interests, and life.




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Is SocianSelect for You?

Qualification Criteria:

Do you have at least 3,000 followers?
Do your followers like, comment, and repost?
Do you post on social media daily?
Do you focus on any specific topic(s)?


Influencers Already Promoting with SocianSelect:




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What is a Social Media Influencer?

What Influencers Do:

  • An Influencer is not a Brand Ambassador: Influencers get to use great product and earn money –– Brand Ambassadors usually don't.

  • Being an Influencer is exclusive: Influencers are effective trendsetters –– it's a talent that requires style and vision.

  • Influencers get to use more products: Influencers don't just rep one or two brands –– they get to pick the products they work with.

  • Being an Influencer is strategic: Influencer marketing puts you at the center of your favorite brands –– SocianSelect is here to help.




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Here's How It Works...


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SocianSelect's Recruitment Service is all about bringing you together with the brands that you (and your followers) will love. If you run a social media page that meets SocianSelect’s minimum requirements, then you already have what it takes to promote killer brands and make money with your talent. Just follow the link below to apply to become a SocianSelect Social Media Influencer. If you meet our criteria, you’ll be launching your first campaign in no time.

Your content is great — why not let it work for you, today?


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Become a Social Media Influencer.

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